an interesting bit of metrics

a bit of metrics (slash) numbers that i found to be quite interesting. since starting this website less than a month ago, it has received a total of 1,500 hits. not stellar, certainly far away from that old website i used to run that would get that in an hour. still, it is a decent amount and i am able to track some statistics from that. no i don't know where you live when you come here, nor your history or anything else like that, but i am told what browser and operating system people are using when they come here - it's a function of your web browser to tell my server what software it is. the most interesting piece of this is that over 55% of you are coming from android or ios - mobile devices. this was very surprising to me and i'm very glad to have spent the extra bit of time to ensure that this site works on mobile devices.

lesson? if you have a website, make sure it is mobile friendly or lose visitors.