tmedia photo taking guy, Joe M. Picture by Jim Kost.

about tmedia photography

tmedia photography is an expression of a need to create interesting images with interesting people and/or things. photography is a medium to sometimes tell a story or simply create something that is pleasing to the eye. working with so many different people allows me to bring something from each of them into my work, or as a friend says, to capture their soul. that sounds a bit drastic so i'll settle a small taste in the images.

tmedia photography specializes in art-nude, fashion and glamour photography. no weddings here. i also provide headshots and other portfolio filler for models, actors/actresses, musicians, etc. band work is covered as well though only if the band is something i can listen to. sorry, no country music bands.

i do do some tf work but it is limited - do not assume. i have been published in a number of mediums and outlets and have many years experience and many, many happy clients. to add yourself to that list contact me at or click here for more information.